Solar Opportunities in Texas for your Home

With ongoing issues to the Texas grid along with environmental concerns, many Texans are looking for better options.

We have seen a huge increase in residential solar projects here in Texas. Although Houston has lagged behind many other cities like Austin and San Antonio, the number of new solar permits has skyrocketed. One reason that solar took off more quickly in cities like Austin and San Antonio is that utilities there offer rebates for going solar — something Centerpoint Energy has not done. The Biden Administration is proposing more tax credits in the infrastructure plan which is great news as the current tax credits are set to expire in 2022. If you are looking at adding solar to your home, the best advice we can give is to take your time and get multiple bids. The variances between certain offers can be very substantial and consider not only the costs, but the terms and conditions as well. Letting each vendor know you are doing your homework can put you in better control of your costs and be sure to double check their math when analyzing your ROI.

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