Electricity Pricing

the solution is transparency

Why Transparency?

There are certainly several advantages in working with a Power Broker who keeps you abreast of the market and works with multiple Suppliers. Electricity Brokers can often provide significant margin compression and expertise in deciding which terms and conditions are considered appropriate for a particular load profile. Keeping abreast on these daily market fluctuations requires a full-time effort and many Power Brokers do a fantastic job at managing these difficult procurement decisions for your power prices.

Unfortunately, many Power Brokers claim that you do not pay them for their services and that they are simply paid by the Supplier. True, they are paid by the Suppliers, but the fee they do add becomes a component of your electricity rate. Most Brokers shy away from discussing this fee, which leaves them open to charging enormous adders that their customers are completely unaware.

Electrictypricing.com provides the safest and most integrity-based process in the industry. Our transparent fees are often three times lower than our competitors and the savings is significant. When a Broker decides to add additional margin, the Supplier always matches this margin.

With fee transparency:

  • Avoid hidden adders by Power Broker
  • Secure entire savings during downward markets
  • Balance trust between Power Broker and Client
  • Obtain true pricing data from all Suppliers
  • Avoid the need to work with multiple parties

Electricitypricing.com works only with the Top Suppliers in the industry. We have been working in ERCOT for over seven years and have the experience needed to negotiate and manage down your costs. Our fee transparency for Exclusive Clients guarantees a process that only works in the best interest of the Client. Let us compare electricity prices to find the best rates for your needs.

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