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Project Managers

Project Managers.

Project Managers

Working with Electricitypricing.com makes it easy! We provide a full-time Project Manager to handle everything:
  • Customer service Issues
  • Pricing
  • Add/Delete ESID's
  • Quarterly Reviews
  • Moves and Assignments
Your Electricitypricing.com Project Manager can take care of you while you focus on your own core business strategies. Call us today!

Megan Turner

I am the proudest member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2007. WHOOP! I look forward to going up to College Station with my family to watch the Aggies dominate the SEC! Electricitypricing.com is the best Brokerage Firm in the State! We have a blast helping out our Clients!


Sarah Mathis

I started working in the deregulated electricity industry in 2001 and enjoy the business. I love reading and spending time with my beautiful family. I love MY Saturdays! Favorite quote is, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...it's about learning how to dance in the rain."


Carolina Gutierrez

I have really enjoyed developing our Spanish Markets and love it when my Clients save money. Electricitypricing.com is a fun place to work. Keep calm and dance on!


Topper Townsend

I'm a proud Marine with 8 years experience working with Municipal Utility District (MUDs). My favorite days are spent relaxing with family, shagging golf balls with my boys and visiting with family and friends. Carpe diem!

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I have enjoyed working in the deregulated electricity industry for five years and love taking care of my Clients. I am the reigning two-time Fantasy Football Champion in our office and my favorite TV show is “The League”. I spend weekends with my wife and kids enjoy every minute. Awesome! pricing@electricitypricning.com

I am a proud father of four wonderful children and a lucky husband to an incredible wife. Electricitypricing.com has an awesome staff and that makes work crazy fun! My favorite quote is from Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or can’t, either way – you are correct.” Cheers! dan@electricitypricing.com

I am a proud mother of the two cutest and sweetest kids in the world. My husband and I enjoy taking the kids on weekend adventures, as well as an occasional family movie night! Crawfish season is my favorite time of year, other than football season of course! I love my job and keeping clients happy.