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Quarterly Reviews

Key to the success we have maintained over the years in managing down our Clients costs is our commitment to keeping them in the market 24/7. We have found that analyzing the historical pricing data allows our Clients a unique opportunity to identify market trends. Avoiding the peaks in a market that has prices changing on a daily basis is crucial in managing down your costs. Our Quarterly Report provides the most relevant load specific data allowing you make quick decisions without spending countless hours obtaining and saving the data on your own. Having a Project Manager that services your account, prices out your load continuously with Top Suppliers and provides reporting on a quarterly basis keeps you abreast of the market in minutes.

Our Quarterly Report is built on a weekly basis while you run your business. We price out your future options on a weekly basis and summarize the data for you every quarter. The Electricitypricing.com Quarterly Report provides you with following data:

  • Review of existing contract details
  • Graph showing historical offers over the previous 12 weeks
  • Current offers for future contract opportunities
  • Updated market analytics identifying upward and/or downward trends
  • EP.com Suggested Strategies and Estimated Cost Analysis

Your Quarterly Report will keep you abreast of the market and help you identify the unique market opportunities that are essential in managing down your costs. The hours you save with an Electricitypricing.com Project Manager managing this data surpasses any other Broker in the industry. Our commitment to managing your load specific pricing data will help you make the right decisions of Electricity Companies in Texas for your business.

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