Electricity Pricing

the solution is transparency


Electricitypricing.com will provide the most extensive and transparent process for lowering your energy costs. Our commitment to keeping you in the marketplace and negotiating with all of the Top Suppliers surpasses most any Power Broker in ERCOT.

Unfortunately, the PUC does not require any licensing for Power Brokers in Texas and Electricitypricing.com continues to advocate changes that require more integrity and training. With over 500 Power Brokers registered with Suppliers here in ERCOT, many are simply unqualified to manage down your costs. Most Power Brokers utilize only a few Suppliers and add a heavy margin that becomes a component of your rate.

It is important to choose a Power Broker that has the experience and transparency needed to work on your behalf. Review our 5 TIPS for Choosing a Power Broker on the Homepage to learn more.

Electricity Pricing.com provides the following options that most Power Brokers do not:

  • Fee Transparency for Exclusive Clients
  • Pricing from all of the Top Suppliers
  • Constant Market Participation
  • Professional and Experienced Market Analytics Team
  • Quarterly Reporting
  • Assigned Project Managers

If you are currently working with a Power Broker, Electricitypricing.com will give you a free analysis and summarize our comparison. If we do not provide a more detailed and financial sound offer than your existing Power Broker, then you will have the data you need to keep your Broker honest and working on your behalf. We compare electricity prices for you!

Give us a call today and compare!