Electricity Pricing

the solution is transparency


Finding the right time to execute your next electricity contract can be very cumbersome. As the market fluctuations changes prices on a daily basis, it is often not only which Supplier you buy from that provides the savings, but also when you buy!

power broker analytics

At Electricitypricing.com, we let the market help you decide when to execute your next agreement. We constantly survey the market conditions helping you find unique market opportunities that drive down your costs for your commercial energy prices. Our Quarterly Reports provides your load specific historical pricing data that identifies significant market trends.

Our Analytics Team also provides:

  • Supply & Demand Data
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Historical Pricing Data
  • Industry News/Changes
  • Risk Analysis
  • Contractual Terms & Conditions Analysis

As an Electricitypricing.com Client, you will have immediate access to all of the Analytics you will need in making the most informed decision for your company.

Don’t hand your power procurement over to a Broker who hides their fee behind your rate!

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