• Transparent Pricing

    Electricity Pricing provides 100% fee transparency for our
    Exclusive Clients. Most of our competitors do not disclose
    their fees.
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  • Single Point of Contact

    Working with your Electricitypricing.com Project Manager is simple and easy.
    Click on the Project Manager Tab and meet your Project Manager today!
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  • Quarterly Reviews

    Your Electricitypricing.com Project Manager keeps you abreast on key market opportunities
    with Quarterly Reviews providing your historical pricing offers!
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  • Constant Market Participation

    Electricitypricing.com keeps you in the market while you run your business.
    Utilizing our Top Suppliers, we price out your future contract offers weekly.
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Electricitypricing.com guarantees

Electricitypricing.com guarantees the savings and transparency needed to broker power on your own. We provide the resources and you see the savings! Don’t hand your power procurement over to a Broker who hides their fee behind your rate. Our solution of transparency provides trust and partnerships.

5 helpful tips to consider when deciding on a Power Broker:

Make sure you are working with a Broker who has been in business for at least five years.
As many businesses sign contracts longer than two years, it is important to choose a firm that has experience in analyzing market trends. Finding the most opportunistic market conditions may arguably be the most important variable in lowering your costs.
Make sure your Power Broker works with at least ten financially sound Suppliers.
If your Power Broker only works with three or four Suppliers, they are simply not providing you with accurate pricing data. The Suppliers with the best price can change on a daily basis. Those Brokers who do not have agreements with all of the Top Suppliers have more than likely been turned down because of minimal market knowledge.
Are you hiring an Independent Power Broker or a Brokering Firm for your procurement?
Independent Power Brokers can be very dangerous to work with for several reasons. Most often, they have fewer Clients with larger fees and seldom discuss their own adders that become a component of your rate. Many are secretly committed to a single Supplier who pays commissions upfront. If there is only one Broker, how can all of the Top Suppliers be satisfied with new customers? This can seriously take away leverage needed in negotiations at the time of your new contract.
Avoid pricing with multiple Brokers.
There is no significant advantage in utilizing multiple Power Brokers. They lose leverage with the Suppliers and often provide contradicting analytical information that should be a cornerstone for your decision. Leverage with all the Suppliers is vital to enhancing your procurement strategies.
Choose a Power Broker who provides a transparent fee structure in writing!
Without fee transparency, you are simply at the mercy of your Broker. If a Broker claims to be paid by the Supplier and insists you do not pay anything for their services, do not walk away…RUN AWAY! Unfortunately, this industry is filled with unscrupulous Power Brokers who make a living off of businesses who do not fully understand the process. If a Broker has a hefty adder, the Supplier has a hefty adder as well and these both become a component of your rate.

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